“Words seem inadequate to thank you for your brilliant investigative journalism…. For years you have reported courageously with accuracy, clarity and flinty integrity. This is the latest example, and I know you are persevering in real time!” — Whitney Vanderwerff

“Is he really just one person? How does he write so much with so much detail? Amazing.” — Kent Tager

“I’m a military brat. The rule is hate a place for the first two years, enjoy it for years 3 and 4. By year 5 you are in love. We brats never really get to years 9 and 10, but I’m guessing at that point you really start to integrate into a community. Part of my integration into the community has been the unflinching yet human write-ups by Jordan Green. He practices the type of journalism we romanticized in my youth where the passions of the author are checked by fact.”

— Danie Hope Jones