Work samples

Here are some samples of Green’s work:


Redneck RevoltAnti-racists with guns

This sheriff was booted by DHS for racism. Now Trump wants to enlist him in deportations

In Charlottesville it felt like the Confederacy was trying to rise again

• Islamophobia grows louder in North Carolina




Jen Facebook posted June 30 2013

Unsolved homicides leave families wondering if black lives matter

• What went wrong: An addict’s jail stay ends in death

• Getting away with murder

• Who owns downtown High Point?

• A city divided




Beyond old-time: Dom Flemons stakes out broad claim on Americana

Jeffrey Dean Foster reaches for fleeting joy on record

High Point rapper shouts out the city’s poor neighborhoods

Sinkane flips the script with African psychedelia



cropWe are all bigots now

Homeownership and the anxiety of status

White pass, black tax

Should it be Griffinboro or Carrolltown?

A dream so tantalizing we can taste it


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